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Sunset - San Lorenzo por Gabriela Sánchez

Salinas city

Fotográfa: Gabriela Sánchez

Here, we highlight a coastline of great resorts, as well as tropical forest and wonderful wildlife

Salinas is a beach-city close to Guayaquil, therefore from December to May is crowded, especially at weekends.

Get in

Salinas is 124km from Guayaquil. To get in, you have to take Via a la Costa Road. There are some transportation companies (Liberpesa, CLP and Costa Azul) that can take you there. Besides these companies there are other companies that offer the same service for a little bit more, but they take you in a private car with a maximum of 4 persons, so this is another option for the people who don’t have their own car, and want to have a very comfortable trip to Salinas. You can get to Salinas by car, and by plane. Salinas has an airport that is at the air force base. Arriving in Salinas by plane is not common as most people take a car from Guayaquil (because they’re very close).


Salinas is a beach, so everything that has to do with the sea, the beach, and the sun is what you can and should do in Salinas. There are several attractions. One of the biggest is the water park, Aqua Adventure, a good choice for every tourist to spend one of their days. Another biggest attraction is La Chocolatera, a beach that you can only see from above. The nice thing about this beach is the huge waves and the very dangerous water. To enjoy this place you should visit it with high tide.

Surf & bodyboard

Water sports are the biggest attraction and what most people do in Salinas. Among the most popular water sports that people practice the most are surfing, fishing, and wake boarding. Waves are very consistent and dependable almost every day.

La Chocolatera is on the FAE (Ecuadorian Air Force) base, yet tourists are allowed in. You only need an ID. With low tide there are great waves (left ones). Only for experienced surfers.

The Punta Carnero Beach is 2,500 meters long and is 10 minutes from Salinas. It is an international spot for surfing. Other nearby surf spots are Chulluype and Mar Bravo.

Fuente: Wiki Voyage